Imagine future plan

I know that I can not control my future career. But I want to make a schedule plan.

Pediatric Hematology Oncologist

34 -> 37 Pediatrics residency

37 -> 40 Pediatrics Hematology-Oncology fellowship

after 40. academic faculty job(O visa) or J1- waiver attending job

after getting permanent resident status, faculty job at an academic facility.

Family plan

spare time for dating with a kind woman

Don’t be obsessed with my career. Find happiness with family.

COVID-19 locum job in South Korea

I am working as a locum doctor for monitoring COVID-19 high-risk patients.

It is not that hard. But many patients ask for medication and special care for me.

It is a little burden for me. But I think that this is a good opportunity to be exposed to primary care job.

I’d like to save money to settle down in Hawaii.

I want to buy appropriate care and lent safe and comfortable housing.

Waiting for the 2022 match result

Waiting for the 2022 residency match result.

I am working at the Orthopedic hospital as an on-call doctor and medical check-up doctor in the rural area.

At night, I try to learn R statistical analysis at the hospital because it would be helpful for my career in the future.

Sometimes I feel that it would be really nice if someone help me to learn it.

I have an interest in Artificial intelligence techniques. In Chicago, I glanced at the AI research.

It was a new world for me. I want to explore the medicine and knowledge database system in the future.